The invited judges from different countries like Canada,USA to come and wittiness the Event of the Competition. The occasion was so good and people came from different Communities and enjoyed the tournament of Skateboarding as you can see it!happness of judgesMany p'ple 1 peole seeing peterSome of the tricks which where done on the tournament to win prizes and Mwesigwa-Douglas won the other skaters ! And Kyomuhendo -Peter was the Second ,Kawooya- Isa was the third position in the boarddouglus in airDouglus win vansKyomuhendo-Peter was the Second in position!!peter 50,50peter dropingpeter droppingKawooya-Isa followed peter and he was the third!isa good trickisa on trophyisa 40,40Isa trophyIn the Medium age, Nsubuga- Gerald was the first in the tournament and he was so good as you can see him!Gerald in airGerald trophyCapitan Chief-Lugolobi, followed Gerald and he was the Second position.Cheif droppingCheif trophyMwesigwa-Darkx and is a young brother to Douglas was the first in young age size of the tournament.he is good too like a big bro!!Dax trophyNgombi Bashiri, he was the Second to Darkx and he is a nice boy in young ones.Bashiri happyBashiri trophyDarkx,Gerald,and Bashiri when their having each ones trophy they won!!Dax,Gerald,BashiriAgeyango-Moreen, She is the best of the Ugandan Skateboarders in girls and she is a fantastic in board!Moreen skating 1Moreen skating 2Moreen's trophyThe Uganda Skateboard Union Squared Team and the Visitors at the Park.Group unionThe Union also Managed give out Prizes to all the participants who participated in the Competition! prizes like Caps,new decks,Wheels, Clothes,etc.Union trophy Remember The Uganda Skateboard Union was found by Bird House Company. kids likes Tony-Hawk and at list to Visit them. They watch his movies and they train to be like him,Danny-way!! tony hawkJack had his position on the tournament and he was a Master of Ceremony(MC) and also to help the Judges like Micheal and Jake From USA.Jack & micheal


  1. То что бредомысли это точно 🙂
    Видно настиг творческий кризис. Мысле нет о чем писать 🙂

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