The Uganda Skateboard Union, organized the Competition and it happened on 3d May 2009. This competition was so good and was sponsored by MOUNTAIN-DEW. People attended it and they enjoyed it as you see the snaps when the young stars of Uganda are entertaining them on that day.

Mountain Dew brought every thing on that event like Trophies ,Soft-Drinks,Tents,Chairs, and so many anthers. The UNION also managed to give prizes to all participants who managed to compete in that tournament.

Douglas Mwesigwa was the First in helders, Gerald Nsubuga was the First also in Medium age and Dakx Mwesigwa was First in young age. You know their was four ages of Competitors in that tournament.

Ugandan girl who is a skateboarder, Moreen she was the First and she won the Trophy.The Union received visitors from U.S.A,and some where from Canada to witness and they where the Judges!! Yet Jack the director acted as (MC) Masters of Ceremony.

The Union thank all the people who who managed to donate things and made Ugandan youth to be on these level and kids are so happy as you can see them!Group unionDouglus win vans Gerald trophyDax trophyMoreen happyMoreen's trophyMoreen skating 1happness of judgesThe best winnerUnion trophy


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