Updates from The Uganda Skateboard Union in Kitintale, Uganda.

Daily Archives: March 8, 2009

The Uganda skateboard union, was formed by kids around kitintale community. this kids came and we formed a group and we started the union. this kid made a team work and started to build the skate park. Up to now this kids are proud of their park!

This kids appreciate people from different Countries who made them what they are, through donating things which helped them to know skateboarding and also to get skills in these game.

This are the kids which started skateboarding in E Africa. And am expecting more to join the The Uganda Skateboard mubiru-jackson2Union.douglus-mwesigwa2kalyesubula-sedreck2katongole-ismail1kavuma-faruq1kawooya-isakiyemba-peterkyomuhendo-peterkyozira-vicentlatim-lucylugolobi-isaacmoreen-angenyamugalasi-isiraelmugenyi-nicholasmusa-kmwebegilibertngobi-bashirinsubuga-geraldntensibe-bakeropolot-ericksawunda-christinessekidde-yusuf-titi


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