The visistors who visited us two years back, started to help the union!!

The Uganda Skateboard Union,has been visited people from different countries like Canada,USA,Switzerland,Denmark,France ,China and anther countries. those visitors who visited us at the begging, like  Brian Lye from Canada, Mr Ward Reddick. He came in May 2007 with her daughter Michelle from Vancouver,Nik Strong Cvetich from USA,Yann Gross from Switzerland,and Michael Jensen. They went back home and started finding the ways how they can help skateboard union project in Uganda. And right now those visitors have sent to us used skateboards,video cassette and DVDs,Shoes, Stickers, Clothes for the kids to wear and all these things have done improvement to the kids.I remember years back,we use to skate bear footed,share one skateboard and so on. I thank those visitors and those one who have not yet visited us but sending things to the Union, thanks very very much to support the kids in Uganda Skateboard Union.t-shirt-from-donnersjack-michaelisa-tricks

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