dscf12921The Uganda Skateboard Union, Has faced now a big problem. The introduction of the Union to be formed,it was a mini-ramp. which helped so much the kids in kitintale Community to come together and form The Uganda Skateboard Union. Our first beloved mini-ramp was been destroyed by heavy rain which was raining everyday in this mouth of November 2008. This mini ramp was being constructed by a South African boy called Sheal-Swart. And by then, we had no money and the construction was not so good like the Second one. by then we used sacks and soil to make a shape and carves as you see them !

Kids now are too warred and sad for them! saying that who is going to help them again to build anther one.Yet now the number is increasing while the place they use is small for them. And this course accident among them selves.

Right now, kids are praying much to God! The project to have volunteers who can help or to contribute anything and expand the skate park for them.

These kids have been training much as you see them and they need visitors to come and show them new tricks and skills of skateboarding.dscf13161dscf14521dscf14351dscf1461dscf0853dscf0837dscf1098dscf1260dscf1087dscf1273dscf1289dscf1477dscf1474


  1. The park looks great and I’m happy to see skateboarding flourish, even in places like Uganda. The great thing about skating is that all you need is a board and some shoes and your set until something happens to them. It is a fairly cheap way of having fun and expressing yourself. Its a great way to enjoy life. In America there are many ways to wast your money with things much less enjoyable than skateboarding. i know it must be tough to get all of the equipment living in Uganda. Email me back to tell me how i can get involved.

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