The people now in Uganda have started having interest in skateboarding and now many parents,wants their sons and daughters to join the union.

The  Union have got anther three kids from outside Kampala to join the club. The problem now Jack is facing is that, the kids are many while the skate park is small for them to skate and these course accidents to them.So we need to build and extend the park.


  1. I would like it if you could pass along a message to Jack.

    I visited the skateboard park with my daughter Michelle in May of 2007. We are from Vancouver, she knows some of the people that Jack knows.

    I am back in Uganda, her numerous signed skater friends collected some stuff for you that I have brought. Nothing too special, good second-hand but not new, but the skaters were very excited to send something so I have brought it with me.

    I have my spouse with me, we wouldn’t mind meeting at Kitintale sometime in the next few weeks if you are available, have a look at the park.

    Thanks. Talk soon I hope.

    Ward Reddick

  2. WOW!!!

    who made the park? from how long it’s in use? this is really impressive!!!

    massive big up to all the guys out there!!! :X:X

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