Uganda Skateboard Union competition sponsored by COCA-COLA Company

Uganda Skateboard Union competition was sponsored by Sprite. And the competition called Sprite Skateboarding Championship

Many people attended the competition and also big people in the government of Uganda like member of parliament (mp) in white cap and assistant commission of sports in Uganda and the chief guest of honnor in general to give prizes.

Douglas was the first, Katerenga-David was the second, and Isa-Salim was the third and also others follows in elders.

Medium, Titi was the first, followed by Chief and Gerald was the third.

Young kids, Bashiri was the first, Darks was the second and Cedric was the third. Amuza was the fourth.

The Uganda Skateboard Union, Thank all the Sponsored Company who helped the competition to take place like COCA-COLA Company, CLEAR-CHANNEL and this company are based in Uganda.

Also we need more Companies to come out and start Sponsoring next event. and people who missed in this competition, hope to see you next time !!

One thought on “Uganda Skateboard Union competition sponsored by COCA-COLA Company

  1. Your website consists of many factors that have brought my attention. I have found some fallacies in this website. You used sentimental appeals, Which made me focus primarily on a child in one of the pictures who seemed happy in this competition. I also found that you have used a band wagon appeal to get more sponsors. Since great companies, like Coca-Cola, are helping out, it’s obvious other companies would like to take part in this event.There is a section on this website that I noticed used dogmatism. If I am correct I believe you are trying to inform that people should join and that this position you have taken is conceivably acceptable. You also use the EITHER-OR choices of whether a person joins in this competition or becomes a sponsor. Not many choices are given except for these two. I like that you have dedicated time to help kids and others in Uganda to have fun, but your website needs more work. I recommend that you have more links branching off this website consider using BAGGING THE QUESTION to attract more viewer’s attention.
    Thanks for your time.

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