dscf0545.jpgdscf0423.jpgdscf0410.jpgdscf0418.jpgdscf0446.jpgdscf0437.jpgdscf0578.jpgdscf0418.jpgdscf0381.jpgOn saturday the 1st of march 2008 the Uganda skateboard union carried out a mini competition and the skaters had enough fun . as thet ground the boards . it was so interesting that it a made a good entertainment for the community .

view some of the stunts that made the evening .especially from the tenage girls . Kemberly and Sasta who emerged winners on drawing points.



  1. cool.. i didnt knew that skateboarding existed in uganda.. anyways, that’s a great start.. reminds me of my good old days trying to build a skate crew with my friends and then yeah, we have to break up because of college stuff.. anyways, i never stopped skating and I skate alone…

  2. You guys absolutely rock!!!

    There is a spirit in people from Africa which is unmatched anywhere else in the world. You created something exceptional and it’s a real inspiration.

    Please do keep putting up photos and it would be great if you can sort out the funding situation as there are many of us who would be happy to donate in the future.

    ps. Loads of respect for Birdhouse and Adio for getting involved in such a cool project!

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