Video Preview Now (Finally!) Available Online!!


Our video is still not complete! (brian is SLOW) but a preview is now uploaded online on current tv’s website! please check it out at:

or if that doesn’t work go to and type uganda skateboard into the search option

9 thoughts on “Video Preview Now (Finally!) Available Online!!

  1. You all have done a great job! I love the video and the skatepark looks great. I’ve been skating for 23 years and this helps me remember why I fell in love with it in the first place.

    Keep skating and having fun, I can’t wait to see all the skaters there progress and learn more tricks.

    Skate and create!

  2. this is really great to see. its good that skating is known all around and that someone will bild parks and spread the word about it……..its inspiring

  3. i’m a skater from geneva, switzerland, and this skatepark is way better than our public skatepark who cost 200 000 frs… shame on us. i would like to see the same vibe in my local scene too… thank you board master!!

  4. What an amazing project, looks like it’s going to breed some rippers.
    Good luck with it all, cant wait to see full film.

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