Help Us Expand!


Our first park was completed over a year ago.  It has been a great success, lots of kids have been learning to skate, all of them are improving, and loving it more than ever.  We now want to spread skateboarding to a new community in the country, to share it with more kids.

We are looking for donations to help us buy land and materials to make this happen.  If you like what we have done with our first park, please support us in building a new one.  As with our first park we are relying solely on private donations, so any amount will help!

Please click here for information on how to help.

9 thoughts on “Help Us Expand!

  1. Hey UngandaSkateUnion!

    I’m from Philadelphia but live in Kigali, Rwanda. I just built this miniramp in my back yard:

    I thought this was the first skate spot in this neck of the woods but I guess not, so cool. I’d love to come check out your park and project in Uganda and if you ever want to sesh in Kigali you’re welcome anytime. Seriously, I’d hop on a bus any weekend. Shoot me an email will you?

    Ali Hassan

  2. This is super duper R.A.D. I want to come and visit. We have a skateboard society at Sussex Uni in Brighton, we skate and get money from the union to build stuff. but most of all we just skate together. we could do fundraisers and awarness raisers for this wick initiative. spread the love of skating to all corners of this wide world. look forward to hearing when you get tax exemption from imported goods. ive got so much stuff lying around that could be put to use.

  3. Hey Jack and Brian,

    This thing is really taking off! I just saw a posting about you guys on, as well as on

    I think the idea about building a new park is great, and I want to hear Jack’s future plans.

    Tell all the Gundis I miss them, and that I want to come skate again soon.

    Hope everyone is well,


    ps. The boardmaster movie is rad!

  4. Hey i just found about your site and i find it a great idea. Me and my little brother are also skaters but we onlycome to uganda every summer to see my dad. I thought there wasnt a skatepark there but there is! So i might come to the skate park and try to rip. 🙂
    good job guys!


  5. Man, this looks amazing! I’m up for dontaing some cash for sure!! Maybe organise some fundraisers where I live aswell!

    This is a great project!

  6. hey 😉
    i’m super happy that there’s a skateboarding union in UG!! i just read about it yesterday in the paper!!! can you imagine all this time i had no idea there were skateboarders here!!!!whae can i come over and start lessons ;-)?
    i have some cool ideas for fundraising too 😉
    ciao 😉

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