Birdhouse and the Tony Hawk Foundation Support! and Tax News…


We are very happy to say that Birdhouse Skateboards has agreed to send us equipment for our skaters on an ongoing basis!   We would like to thank John Krieger very much for his help to make this happen.  The word is that a shipment is on it’s way soon and we are very happy to receive the help!  Also the Tony Hawk Foundation is helping us out with a load of shoes via Audio to help protect the skaters feet.  Big thanks to Miki Vuckovich at the foundation for his work to make this possible.

This is great news for us as we were never able to achieve the tax exemption status that we had hoped for.  Our directors tried their best for over a year to make it happen but in the end there was too much bureaucracy in the way.  We are very grateful that Birdhouse is helping us with equipment and taxes.

Due to our tax problem we are unable to receive donations of equipment from all of the private individuals who had written us to offer boards.  This is a big let down as many generous individuals had been waiting patiently to send us gear.  We must thank you for your generosity and support and hope that you will still keep encouraging the growth of skateboarding in Uganda.


9 thoughts on “Birdhouse and the Tony Hawk Foundation Support! and Tax News…

  1. Do you have an address to send equipment to? I would like to look into an equipment drive from shops in NYC to send stuff your way…….. See you guys soon!

    Philip Laverson

  2. Hi Phil,

    thanks for the generous offer! this may sound odd, but please don’t start to collect gear, it will be very costly to you to send the gear and too costly for us to receive it with taxes. This is why we are grateful to Birdhouse for helping us out!

  3. Thats a really good work! Thanks to TH ppl all over the world ca share this AMAZING lifestyle!
    Skateboarding makes part of me! its inside all my heart!

    Gj u guys

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