Ugandaskateboard end of year party celebrations!

The Uganda skateboard union made an end of year skate bash and the kids were at the park to display their best skills and all that they have managed to do in the year . it was fantastic and they really hard fun of their life cause skating went on up to late and they entered the new year skating. There was lots of fireworks and they made entertainment to the cloud that turned up in big numbers. Their funs cheered shouting” go skateboard Uganda mama nyabo!!!!!!!!” Have some of their wonderful displays below .

dscf0344.jpg dscf0353.jpgdscf0360.jpgdscf0365.jpgdscf0384.jpgdscf0391.jpgdscf0428.jpgdscf0432.jpgdscf0486.jpgdscf0487.jpgdscf0488.jpgdscf0489.jpgdscf0492.jpgdscf0505.jpgdscf0509.jpgdscf0522.jpgdscf0528.jpgdscf0535.jpgdscf0538.jpgdscf0539.jpgdscf0541.jpgdscf0525k.jpgdscf0369.jpg

8 thoughts on “Ugandaskateboard end of year party celebrations!

  1. Thanks for sharing your stoke. You guys are what skating is all about. Having fun and making something positive..

    Oh yeah, it looks like you guys are ripping that ramp up..

  2. kewl! nice seen you got there! i’m filipino, from a third world country too, and happy for you people enjoying skateboarding cause i love it myself.

    keep on pushing!

  3. hello!!

    first: that is so great! i am proud to be a skateboarder when i see things like these….

    second: i would like 2 ride it!!

    we here in germany should take you as an example!!! we are planing many parks in hamburg an in the close region at the moment. what you did there is a never seen before thing!!!
    if the guys there need any stuff, like old shirtz , “used decks” or a little worn shoes let me know, and we’ll see!!


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