Copenhagen Fundraiser Party


 Next week The Danish skatesite,, is holding a party at the Copenhagen Skatepark to help support the Uganda Skateboard Union.  They are aiming to collect and raise funds to send all sorts of skategear; bolts, kingpins, saftey equipment, decks, trucks, and wheels out to the skaters via a Danish NGO that is operating in Uganda. Big thanks to Simon Bressendorff, Kim Moeller, Adam Grausen, Dan the Man, The Copenhagen Skatepark and Mads Matzon for putting this together.  Mads has been in contact with us for a long time now and his continued support is greatly appreciated.  It’s really rad to see international skaters like these guys donating time and energy into helping us out.  Webare nyo!! (thank you!!) Links:

One thought on “Copenhagen Fundraiser Party

  1. Good – Let´s have some more of these events
    Take a look at this video. Excellent skateboarding by a young danish skateboarder – now on flow for Emerica, Toy Machine, RVCA and BORDER Skateshop. This boy Mads Tobiassen has a major potential, that´s for sure

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