Subvert Cuba Project wants to help out…

The following mail has come from the Subvert Cuba Project, please read it and if you have any answers for them they can be contacted at ” Lux {at} subvertskateboards (dot) com “

Hello everybody.
I’m Lux from Germany, responsable for the SUBVERT CUBA PROJECT (

We have many donations gathered here (see the pictures from february on our website). The Cuban skaters said, this would be much too much to send it at once to Havana, so we could easily send some of it to Uganda.

Only the shipping would be the problem. Does anyone know some help to get it from Europe (mustn’t be from Hamburg or Germany, where we are situated) down to Uganda.

Something else: we couldn’t send the gathered stuff to cuba yet, also due to the problem, that we couldn’t find an NGO to receive the donations taxfree. Does anyone know help for that? (se es nacesario, hablo tambien espanol (o italiano ou francais))

Greetings to all of you


3 thoughts on “Subvert Cuba Project wants to help out…

  1. hey – im a flight steward for air emirates, and i fly to europe regularly. i also fly to kampala, although not as frequently, but could occasionally deliver some goods from one continent to the next. drop a line if you think i could be of service.

  2. david, that sounds like it could be a great help, please email buraianrai (at) hotmail (dot) com . and we can discuss it. thanks.

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