NGO Registration Status



Our apologies for the long delay in posting any news. February’s big news is regarding our NGO registration status.It has been five months of running around and dealing with bureaucracy, but last week the Secretary for the NGO board accepted our application for registration. This is a big step for us and for the development of skateboarding in Uganda.

A great deal of recognition has to be given to Jackson Mubiru, Chairperson of our organisation, who has voluntarily been on the move for the last five months, it hasn’t been an easy process but he has stayed dedicated and not given up.

The news comes somewhat bittersweet though as we have been told it will take a further two months to receive our certificate of registration which is necessary to receive tax exemption on donations.  We are trying to talk to the relevant authorities to see if they can speed this process up.

To all that have been wanting to send us things, we are sorry for the delay, especially to those who have been offering us support since the fall of last year. It’s hard to keep asking you to wait, but please keep up the faith and know we are doing our best to set things up properly.