Skateboard pro BRIAN back to Canada


Brian lye the man who introduced skateboarding in uganda has been the fuel in constructing of the only skateboard park in uganda is back in canada his mother country .

He is also the founder member of the Uganda skateboard union which has helped the youth of uganda learn skating and involve themselves in developmental projects. And as we talk

skateboarding is at its heighest peak in the country with skaters getting better each day .

He Brian will now be working with the skateboard union in absentia. so his friends and pals  who wish to no more about skateboarding in uganda can now contanct the skateboard union directly at

3 thoughts on “Skateboard pro BRIAN back to Canada

  1. Brian,
    Thanks for the good work done in uganda.
    Am interested in constructing a skate ground in Kabale.
    i need you technical support especially with the architectual drwaings.

    Awaiting for your reply


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