Donations Brought in Airplane Luggage!


In the past month we’ve been lucky to receive two packages of equipment via good people that were coming to Uganda and made room in their suitcases.  Big thanks to Mr.Larry from Sydney, Australia and Ms. Ally from Abbostford, Canada for making space! And big thanks to the Charters in Sydney who donated the goods Mr.Larry carried, and Paul’s Boutique and The Fabulous Terrors in Vancouver for the goods that Ms.Ally carried.  The goods came at a vital point, bearings and kingpins had been breaking, decks getting old.  We put on one of the new habitat decks today and it was well received.   Thanks!


7 thoughts on “Donations Brought in Airplane Luggage!

  1. googly eyed neon skate wheel pic= the RRRRRRRRRRRRADEST phot eva’!!!

    Award wining son. You know I love the Neon!

    ps- Do i have permission from BL to extend this idea into a T-shirt concept. It would be like a long distance colab!

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