Fundraiser in Korea


If anyone is or knows anyone in Seoul, Korea, check out his Party being organized by former Vancouverite Andy Moulton. All proceeds go to The Uganda Skateboard Union.

‘from Mr. Moulton’

To all those near and dear in this gorgeous city of Seoul.
On the 17th of February there will be a benefit party for the  upcoming
skateboarders of Uganda.
Proceeds will go towards skateboards and construction materials at  the

This kick off at 930 and will be going through until 530 in the AM,  at Bar
Nana in Itaewon, AKA, SweetTown.
Hope to see you there,

4 thoughts on “Fundraiser in Korea

  1. Oh my god..when i saw the Uganda page i’m stoked to see it. We have spread the words in many forum such as Bulldog Skateboards, Concreate Disciples and many more. Looks like some of them willing to help but i’m not sure coz i’m from Malaysia (Islaic Country) and have been skatig since 88. We have a huge skate scene here. Even Asian X Games was held here many times. We have many contacts from all over asia and we will try to inform them bout Uganda. Keep it up man… i have many skate punk / rock stuff. Maybe i’ll send some too.

    Check out our web here at :

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