January 21st, 2007 Official Opening Party!


We had our official opening party on Sunday. The goal of the party was to thank and recognize the skaters for their work in constructing the course. We skated hard, ate roasted goat, drank sodas, and danced to a hired sound system. The whole community came out to watch the skating and take part in the event. We were thankful to have in attendance the acting Commisioner to the Ministry of Sports and Education, and the Local Chairman for Kitintale.

Without question the highlight of the day was the skate jam that ensued, all the skaters showed up dressed in their sunday best and skated non-stop the whole day through.   The Ugandan television station WBS came and covered the event and our skaters, Jack, and Brian were shown on national t.v. on Tuesday night.

The whole party was set to the musical selections of a local DJ who served up dishes of Ugandan pop music, 5 year old European Techno, Enrique Eglisias, and Shania Twain. A true Ugandan Party! Also the skaters and crowd were further entertained by ‘Bijuree’ the Japanese Pantomime. He put on a show that intrigued and entertained the guests! The whole event was MC’d by Mr. Moses Wampamba, aka MC Wampamba.

The skaters had a great day and it was beautiful to see them get recognized for the work they had done. LONG LIVE SKATEBOARDING IN UGANDA!!

All photos posted here were taken by Tom White, a photographer from the UK.  Please click on the thumbnails to enlarge, and then click a second time for full size.

Thank you for the photos Tom! kataregashoes.jpgjack.jpgfaruq.jpgboneless.jpgkatarega.jpglyekflip.jpgminsterofsports.jpgfrancis.jpggigiandjane.jpgmcwampamba.jpgroastedgoat.jpggroup.jpgpush.jpggerard.jpgdacks.jpgboardslide.jpgbijuree.jpgbashiri.jpgbackdrop2.jpgbackdrop1.jpglookout1.jpg

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